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Date: May 8th, 2017



EuroPS Consortium


Annual meeting of Monica´s ERASMUS network


JUNE 7-11 2017 in SARAJEVO


SARAJEVO SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (Hrasnicka cesta 3a, 71000 Sarajevo)


Provisional programme – subject to modification


Wednesday, June 7

17.00 Participants gather in front of the National Theater for a walking tour of the Old Town

20.00 Evening free, dinner in a local restaurant (TBA)


Thursday, June 8

Venue: Margaret Thatcher Auditorium

9:00-9:30 – Registration


9.30 - 10.00 - Welcome and presentation of the program

- Prof. Ejup Ganić (SSST)

- Franz Kok (University of Salzburg)

- Werner Palz (University of Constance)


10:00-11:30 – Teaching Workshops

- WS1 Teaching Comparative Politics

- WS2 Teaching Public Administration & Policy

- WS3 Teaching Political Theory


11:30 - 12:00 – E-learning and student life highlights – Poster room opened


12:00 – 13:30 – Lunch (SSST, SSST Restaurant, 4th floor)



- WS4 Teaching International Relations

- WS5 Teaching European Integration

- WS6 Teaching Methodology


15.15-16:00 - Minutes and Conclusions (5min per WS – Reporteur)


16:00 – 20:00 – Sarajevo Tours (optional, own cost, select which)


20.00 -  Dinner in a local restaurant, all official participants invited (at participant’s own cost)



Friday, June 9

Venue 1: Kuwait Library, 1st floor

10:00-13:00 - Poster sessions and meeting-point for lecturers and departments “Teaching Political Science”


Venue 2: Margaret Thatcher Auditorium

9:30-10:00 – Registration and Coffee


10:00-10:30 - Idea and European way of academic cooperation

Speaker: Werner Palz


10:30-11:00 - Erasmus+ Credit Mobility beyond EU!

Speaker: N.N. Representative of the European Commission


11:00-11:30 - Erasmus+ Capacity building: Curriculum development, joint Degrees, Jean Monnet

N.N. Representative of Commission


11:30 – 12:00 - European Accreditation of joint Degrees?

Speaker: Maria Weber AQ Austria & Mark Fredericks ECA


12-13.30 Working Lunch (Restaurant Idzlis, Ilidza) – at participant’s own cost


13.30-15.00 Academic Mobility – Problems and solutions

- Mobility Management

- Recognition

- Internships


15.15-16.30 - Bridges within Europe

Speakers: Minister BiH, NEO BiH: Suad Muhibic, Rector SSST and/or UNSA, Commission Expert, OeAD, N.N. form Office of the High Representative

Moderator: Dr. Franz Kok, Coordinator EuroPS, University of Salzburg or Dr. Maja Savic-Bojanic, EuroPS Coordinator from SSST



Saturday, June 10

9.30-11:00 - Final Round 

-     How to use the environment of Erasmus+ for cooperation and project application

-     Selection of next host university


Application to the conference: Mail to until 20 May 2017.


Participation costs per participant: 35.--€ i nc l.  C offeebr eac ks, c onfer enc e materi al,  equipment and hosting services to be paid at the registration desk.





In 2017 the annual meeting of the in Political Science, Public Administration and International Studies is organized jointly with the conference of the Erasmus+ consortium developing a joint MA in Political Science – Integration and Governance ( The target groups of the conference “Bridges within Europe!” are teacher, manger and international program coordinators in the field of Political Science, International Relations, International Studies and Public Administration at Universities organized within www.erasmus-network.euand from the Western Balkan region.

The annual meeting of the Erasmus Coordinators will focus on the manage and develop cooperation with partner countries outside EU countries and neighboring regions, problems and solutions related to academic mobility and capacity building projects.

The teaching workshops at 8 June 2017 invites teacher to present their experiences and ideas about:


How we teach different fields of Political Science, Public Administration & International Studies?

-     Modules and courses can be presented.

-     Specific problems of teaching can be described and Solutions presented.

-     Innovative teaching methods from BA and MA level can be shown.


The EuroPS project will present its results and welcomes colleagues in that field of teaching to present their backgrounds and experiences. This shall allow an overview about the European teaching practice and deliver incentives for our European Erasmus partner and lecturer from our Monica Network have an opportunity to present their practice but also maybe some innovative teaching developments.


Papers to be presented in the workshops:

-     Max 5 pages

-     Can be syllabi of courses taught

-     Can be module descriptions

-     Can be didactic models of teaching approaches as:

o How to involve students and guarantee high standards

o Academic reading and writing: How much teacher versus student centred?

o Research based teaching: How to transfer experiences and motivate students?


Papers also can be presented as poster (A1 prints).

The workshop coordinator collecting the paper and decide about the program of the workshop. They also present the results of the workshops.


Deadline for submission of papers: 20 May 2017


Contact point for all workshops:


A poster session at 9 October 2016 allows individuals to present their individual teaching experiences and to present department.





10:00-11:30 – Teaching Workshops

- WS1 Teaching Comparative Politics

Coordinator and Chair: Prof. Ivan Vukovic (University of Montenegro)


- WS2 Teaching Public Administration & Policy

Coordinator and Chair: Prof. Snezana Djordjevic (University of Belgrade)


- WS3 Teaching Political Theory

Coordinator and Chair: Dr. Andreas Pribersky (University of Vienna)



- WS4 Teaching International Relations

Coordinator and Chair: Prof. Dr. Christina Zuber (University of Konstanz)


- WS5 Teaching European Integration

Coodinator and Chair: Dr. Doris Wydra (University of Salzburg)


- WS6 Teaching Methodology

Coordinator and Chair: Dr. Cindy Wittke (University of Konstanz)


15.15-16:00 - Minutes and conclusions (5min per WS – Reporteur)