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Date: April 17th, 2018


9 MAY 2018

Sarajevo School of Science and Technology

Hrasnička cesta 3A, Ilidža

 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Venue: Margaret Thatcher Auditorium (P13), ground floor 


Registration deadline: 1 May 2018


Continuing its longlasting collaboration and partnership with the Free Market Road Show (FMRS) Team and being a proud member of the growing FMRS Family, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology (SSST) is hosting another Free Market Road Show Conference. 

The Free Market Road Show (FMRS) 2018 is taking place on Wednesday, 9 May 2018, at 11:00 am, at SSST, Hrasnička cesta 3a. Ilidža, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.  

Under the general topic of European values, in cities across Europe and beyond, the Free Market Road Show 2018 is bringing together opinion leaders, policy experts, scholars, officials, diplomats and other interested parties to discuss the core values upon which the modern society in Europe was built and which are now being tested.This is why this year's FMRS is engaging in the discussion on the common shared values in Europe and particularly how younger generations can unite and participate in this important discussion.

The new talk and debate format offers a chance for an open discussion on these values and problems, allowing arguments to be challenged from different points of view.

By challenging all participants with controversial arguments, the 2018 Free Market Road Show aims to prepare the ground for a third way, apart from the offered status quo and populism.


- Agenda

The FMRS 2018 at SSST consists of two panels and covers both global and local perspectives of the general topic of this year's FMRS. The first panel is held in English and hosts international speakers and prominent guests: Dr. Barbara Kolm, director of the Austrian Economics Center and president of the Friedrich A. Hayek Institute in Vienna and Mr. Alvino-Mario Fantini, journalist and editor-in-chief of The European Conservative. The second panel is held in local languages and hosts local experts who are focusing on the topic of fiscal devaluation, which has been identified as the local hot topic for this year's FMRS at SSST. It is a pleasure to host even the Prime Minister of Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Fadil Novalić.

See the FMRS 2018 Agenda.

SSST's active participation in the discussion is provided by SSST's Rector, prof.dr. Vjekoslav Domljan, prof. dr. Amer Demirović, Dean of the Department of Economics, and prof.dr. Goran Miraščić.  SSST's Chancellor, academician Ejup Ganić, will give an opening address to welcome the esteemed guests and participants.

Students, professors, representatives of public institutions, international organizations, NGOs and the media are very welcome to attend.

The event is free of charge for all participants, open to the public and media friendly. 


- Registration

If you are not a current SSST student or staff member and are interested in attending, please send your personal information (name and last name, title/position, institution/ organization) to by 1 May 2018. 

For more information on the FMRS at SSST, please contact our FMRS Coordinator, Ms. Lejla Selmanović, at + 387 33 975 003 or

For more information on the global movement and events, please visit


- FMRS Organisation Team in Sarajevo


Prof.dr. Vjekoslav Domljan

SSST Rector




Prof.dr. Amer Demirović

Dean of the Department of Economics




Ms. Lejla Selmanović

FMRS Coordinator

+ 387 33 975 003



- FMRS 2018 Opening Words



Dr. Ejup Ganić

SSST Chancellor


Dr. Wolfgang Till

Austrian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina



- FMRS 2018 Speakers

 *following the order of speakers of the Agenda



Thomas Bachheimer 

President of the Gold Standard Institute - Europe

Alvino-Mario Fantini 
Journalist; Editor-in-chief of The European Conservative
Arben Murtezić 
Director of Centre for Judicial and Prosecutorial Education and Training of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Rijad Kovač 
Federal Institute for Development Programming
Dr. Goran Miraščić 
World Bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Fadil Novalić 
Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dr. Džemal Aslani 
Independent Consultant
Adnan Smailbegović 
Association of Employers of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina





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