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A quick glimpse into an SSST student’s success story

Date: February 20th, 2018
Shahriyar Mohammadi obtained his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Information Systems from the SSST University. Currently he is pursuing his master’s degree at SSST in Computer Science, programme BIG DATA. Successful as he is, Shahriyar is also the founder and CEO of Startup. is a free smartphone application that allows its users to win valuable gifts or discounts of various kinds. Have a look at our conversation with Shahriyar and find out more about his project.




1. How did you come up with the idea for your application and why did you name it

It was during an iOS development course at SSST, with Professor Faik Catibusic, that I started developing Goody for my course project. Marketing, design and programming have always fascinated me, and through the iOS development course I managed to combine all three into a unique idea. Once I finished the course, I presented my business plan to Faik, and together, we decided to turn this project into a real product.

As far as the name of our application is concerned, the goal was to create a name that would be both fun and easy to remember, while showcasing the essence of the application. Therefore, we came up with “Goody” because “goodies” represent gifts and discounts that can be won.
2. What does this application offer to its users?

Goody is a free mobile application that offers different and amazing coupons and top discounts in the following categories: gaming, fashion, food, beauty, lifestyle, electronics and much more.

3. Can you explain how works?

Once users access the Google Store or App Store, they may log in to the application by using their own Facebook or Gmail accounts. Then they can select the category and coupon that interests them and check out the gifts and discounts that are available.

If they like what they see, they can select the “Start Scratching” option. The goal is to get three identical items on the screen. As soon as this happens, they get a “goody,” which can be saved in their virtual wallet. After that, users can go to the actual company and scan the QR code they find there in order to collect and use their goody.

4. Why is this application special?

The biggest disadvantage of mobile ads comes from the small screen size. Goody feeds advertisements into the mobile device in a full screen format. It not only conveys the message effectively, but also yields a higher conversion, as compared to other ad types.

Goody can prompt consumers to do more than just click on the advertisement. Actions include, but are not limited to, installing applications, signing up for a service, watching videos and clicking “like” on Facebook. Other types of actions may also be supported at your request!

5. Who are your clients / partners in this application?

Some of our partnerships include collaborations with firms such as: Hifa-Oil, Four Seasons, Malak Hotel Regency, Zlatarna Dar, Cordoba, Casa United, Espresso Lab, Radio M, and Radio 8.

6. What are your plans for the future?

The most important thing for us is to continue on the path of development and growth that we have set our eyes on. We’re doing very well so far, and we are constantly working on gaining more effectiveness as we continue.
We want to transfer this effectiveness by expanding offers for our customers, branching out to other cities, and, eventually – toward all of Europe.

  • A quick glimpse into an SSST student’s success story
  • A quick glimpse into an SSST student’s success story
  • A quick glimpse into an SSST student’s success story
  • A quick glimpse into an SSST student’s success story
  • A quick glimpse into an SSST student’s success story