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Date: February 17th, 2017

SSST tends to create an environment that will raise and mold young professionals who can meet the challenges of today’s global market. We are proud of our students’ successes and always glad to share their stories.

We are bringing you the story about our 4th year students Nedim Hasović and Azra Murselović whose careers got an amazing start even before graduation. They landed internships in a prestigious audit and consulting company called Deloitte. Professor Deni Memić from the Department of ECON strongly supported our students and initiated sharing this story. Take a look what they had to say,


Congratulations to our dear students!


During my studies I had many positive experiences thanks to SSST. Being a major in Computer Science, my focus was on programming and technology in general. However, in the most recent semester my focus has changed a bit. Doing an internship in the second year of studies in a programming company, and being involved in different projects (at the University or private) has helped me to realise the importance of having experience in different industries in order to get the general idea of how things work. Thanks to Professor Deni Memić and his lectures and the people who supported me, I have changed my outlook and started seeing things from a different perspective.

As one of my colleagues had earned an internship as audit intern at Deloitte, she suggested to me to apply as well. Aware of the fact that Deloitte is one of the biggest audit and consulting companies, I was unsure at first. However, Deloitte had an open position for a Junior Consultant with math and analytical skills required, which seemed challenging, so I decided to apply. Thanks to the knowledge acquired at SSST and the experience from my previous internship, I was invited for the assessment test. The test was very broad, having questions from different areas varying from Financial Services to Programming. Since I did the test very well, the next step was the interview. Finally I got offered the position that I applied for.

I am currently working at Deloitte in a great team of consultants. I am working hard to advance in this field as it is quite broad, but have absolutely no complaints. It seems that things do work out if you try your best.“

Nedim Hasović, 4th year student of Computer Science with minor in International Business and Economics




“For me, the best part of studying at SSST is that every course one attends is held by a professor who is an expert in the particular field, whether it is international economics, finance, accounting, management or econometrics. Personally, those professors became my daily motivators for both my academic and professional aspirations. As a matter of fact, thanks to one of them, professor Deni Memić, I received a once in a lifetime opportunity to intern in one of the leading professional services firms worldwide, Deloitte.

Being an audit intern at Deloitte for the past three months, every day gives me the chance to expand and conceptualize the knowledge that I have acquired so far at SSST. Working at such an international and well-diversified firm, with professionals that are more than eager to help new members learn constantly and encourage their professional growth every day is a dream come true for me personally. I strongly believe that this internship makes a significant contribution to my career path and I hope to continue to stay with Deloitte after I graduate.

Ever since I started my studies, I have been inspired and currently am driven by the Adam Smith’s theory of Invisible Hand that explains the benefits to the economy and the society that arise from the efforts of an individual (company) seeking to maximize its own good. In addition, being given the opportunity to intern at Deloitte made me realize that I certainly want to pursue a career in professional services that help individual companies succeed, as that can highly contribute to the economy, and especially help the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina to try to escape the middle-income trap.

Overall, I am deeply honoured and grateful to be part of SSST community that truly drives each and every one of its members to achieve their maximum and to strive for the best in every single moment.”

Azra Murselović, 4th year student of Economics with minor in International Business




A word from the Professor...

“We as an elite school are very proud of the established two-way cooperation with Deloitte as a Big4 assurance company. This proves that a nepotism-based country has segments that are following a world-wide trend in which top companies to hire top students from top schools. Azra and Nedim are the best examples of how hard work, dedication and clear goal in life is recognized by the top industry companies. Ms. Sabina Softić, a Deloitte regional Partner, and a person who has recognized the quality in our students, at a recent guest lecture at SSST noted that the job application acceptance rate at Deloitte globally is lower than 5% (in B&H even lower) makes this more of a success story.

I am sure that this is just a start of a long term cooperation between SSST and Deloitte, as Azra and Nedim are going to open the doors for their younger colleagues in the coming years.

Dr Deni Memić, Professor of Banking and Finance at the Department of ECON