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Computer Science Department

Date: January 30th, 2015

Computer Science is one of the few academic disciplines that strongly affect almost every facet of our society. It combines fundamental science with gauging its immediate societal impact. It is hard to think of any other field that intertwines to such extent with other academic fields, impacts them so profoundly, and alters our world so rapidly.

At SSST, technological advances dictate the Computer Science curriculum, where the programme is constantly updated to meet the developments in this dynamic field.

Computer Science programme examines both the fundamental computer science theory, including open problems to be defined and solved,and the latest in the development of computer science applications. The programme also promotes knowledge and skills that enable students to realize their ideas and design their own real world applications.

SSST provides a stimulating and innovating environment for studying the programming-oriented courses which comprise computing theory, programming languages such as C and Java, data structures and algorithms. But theory is only the beginning – our students are constantly challenged through practical courses such as Computer Architecture, System Analysis and Design, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Networks and Telecommunication, Web Development, Databases, Data Mining, Computer Graphics and a selected set of electrical and electronic engineering courses – all of which prepare them for the ever greater demands of both the academic world and industry.

"One of the great things about SSST is that it places a great deal of focus on giving students practical skills in computer programming. Through my lectures, I always try to share with the students my expertise obtained at Stanford University, and from working in the Silicon Valley, in order to help them become better prepared for the modern workplace."

Dr. Almir Mutapčić, Computer Science Department

“It is impossible not to learn at SSST. The determination of professors and assistants at the Computer Science Department to transfer their knowledge to us , their great enthusiasm coupled with high academic and industry qualifications, is a constant source of motivation. We enter labs and classrooms excited, determined to be at the cutting edge of this ever-evolving field.”

Ena Kurtović, SSST student, Computer Science Department (minor in Economics)