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Department of Economics

Date: August 4th, 2016

The Department of Economics (ECON) offers interesting and flexible degrees in business and economics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. All our degrees are validated by the University of Buckingham. This means that, besides a degree from the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, students also get a degree from the University of Buckingham.

A degree from the University of Buckingham is not just an additional piece of paper, but a guaranty that our study programmes and the experience of studying are at the same level as those at British universities. Our students, therefore, can be sure that they will get the same quality education as they would get by studying in the United Kingdom.

The quality assurance extends to our assessment procedures. Just as in the United Kingdom, our assessment procedure is fully transparent and objective. Indented learning outcomes are clearly communicated to students and all exams generally have optional questions (e.g. answer six out to eight). All exams are marked by two internal examiners. In addition, the fairness and consistency of marking is checked by an external examiner (a professor form a British university appointed by the University of Buckingham).

We are constantly striving to provide the best possible education and experience for our students, and to give you the best start in your career. We place a high emphasis on innovation in course design. Many of our modules include computer lab workshops which enable students to put theory into practice and learn how to use professional software. We pride ourselves in the personalized and small group teaching approach with significant attention paid to discussions so you won’t get lost in a crowd. In case that a problem arises, you can be sure that you will get a full attention and a personalized solution.


Undergraduate degrees

Choosing what to study is a pivotal decision. You are not sure whether you would like to study business and management or economics or? We make this decision a lot easier as the first year is common so you have one year to decide. Further, choosing one discipline does not mean giving up the other discipline completely as you can choose it as a minor in the third year or studying. Therefore, you can study economics and still get a solid foundation in business and management or vice versa. Additional minor options provide even more choice and allow students to acquire a solid foundation in Finance, Information Systems, Political Sciences, International Law or Diplomacy. The study routes toward the undergraduate degree are summarized below:

  • Business and Management with 1) Economics or 2) Finance or 3) Information Systems or 4) Political Sciences or 5) International Law or 6) Diplomacy.
  • Economics with 1) Business and Management or 2) Finance or 3) Information Systems or 4) Political Sciences or 5) International Law or 6) Diplomacy.

Check out all details about our undergraduate degrees here.


Master degrees

At the master level, we offer the three most popular degrees:

  • Master in Business Administration (MBA)
  • MSc in Finance
  • MSc in Economics

The master studies can be started in October of March. Those who are able to study full-time can complete the studies in one year. Others can complete the studies in two years without interrupting their careers. 

Candidates who already have a strong background in economics or finance may skip the taught part and get a MSc degree by conducting a supervised research project. 

Check out all details about our master degrees here.


Doctoral degree

We offer a well-structured PhD programme to candidates whose research interests coincide with those of the faculty. The doctoral studies can be started in October of March. Full details about our doctoral programme are available here.