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Department of Information Systems

Date: July 10th, 2014

The Information Systems department at SSST has multiple missions: excellence in teaching, research, and service to the community. We are dedicated to educating first class experts in information systems, as well as offering superior IT solutions and services that consistently exceed customer expectations.

The program covers a combination of topics in technologies and their effective application infinding solutionsto business problems. The focus of the Information Systems at SSST is on technical analysis, systems design and application, providing candidates with a strong set of skills needed for effective design and system implementation. In addition to topics in Information Systems, the program delivers in-depth coverage of relevant areas in mathematics and computational theories.

Throughout the course of their academic study, our students are equipped with a range of technical skills in hardware, software, methodologies and business processes related to Information Systems.In result, our graduates are successful at developing and managing organization of information systems that provide technical and business value to avast array of enterprises.

“Throughout their studies, students are continuously pushed to improve their skills in analyzing, designing, implementing, and managing information technology systems, by engaging in academic and applied research programs and activities. Alongside creating graduated specialists in the filed of information systems, we also strive to make valuable contributions to our community by collaborations with business enterprises. Therefore, it is clearly understandable that the motto of our department is: Everything is possible – even the Impossible, we read as I'm possible!"

Dr. Kemal Taljanović, Dean of Information Systems Department

“Field of Information Systems is an excellent example of an area where thinking outside the box brings great results. IS faculty encourages students to explore their abilities in the best possible way by providing them various opportunities. It allows students to experience how things operate in the real world, improve their analytical thinking and secure a strong foundation for further specialization.”

Amila Šabić, SSST student, Information Systems Department (minor in Economics)

“The Department of Information Systems provides a perfect blend of project management, programming and business. Students are able to utilize their knowledge in computer science and project management and combine it with various business skills in order to create a solid platform for their future careers. All in all, this is a department that best combines the two worlds: computers and economics.”

Emil Klapija, SSST student, Information Systems Department (minor in Economics)