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Date: August 4th, 2016

Economics and business are related but sufficiently different to be considered as distinct disciplines.

Economics is the study of the factors that influence income, wealth and well-being. From this it seeks to inform the design and implementation of economic policy. Its aim is to analyse and understand the allocation, distribution and utilisation of scarce resources and their consequences for economic and social well-being. Students of economics will acquire a firm foundation of knowledge about the workings of economic systems and analytical skills to understand and devise solutions for economics and other problems. 

The business and management programme introduces students to main principles of economics and then focuses on understanding business organizations and major aspects of business such as marketing, accounting, finance, customer behavior, management of resources etc. The structure of the BSc programme is as follows:

  • The first year of the economics and business and management degrees is the same.
  • In the second year, students choose their major discipline: economics or business and management.
  • In the third year students choose their minor discipline (e.g. majors in business and management may choose economics, finance or minor options offered by other departments). Each minor option has six modules of which two are delivered in the third and four in the fourth year (available minor options and the modules list is available here).

The undergraduate or bachelor (BSc) degree has 240 ECTS credits. All our degrees are validated by the University of Buckingham. This means that, besides a degree from Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, students also get a degree from the University of Buckingham.  



The first year introduces students to main principles of economics, major aspects of business and analytical tools which will be used in subsequent modules. The modules list is available here.



In the second year, students choose the major: Economics or Business and Management. Students of economics will be taking more advanced economics modules, while the business and management students will be learning the language of business (accounting) and other aspects of business. The modules list is available here.



In the third year, students choose a minor discipline and take two out of six minor specific modules. Students of economics examine how globalization affects national economies and focuses of specific contemporary economic issues. The business and management students explore management of firms' resources, e-business and additional aspects of business operations. The modules list is available here.



In the fourth year, students take additional specialist modules, four minor modules and write their dissertations. The modules list is available here.



In the third year, students choose a minor discipline. Two minor modules are delivered in the third year and four minor modules are scheduled in the fourth year. Economic majors may choose a minor in business and management, while business and management majors can choose a minor in economics. Minor in finance and minors offered by other departments may be chosen by all students. Please note that minors chosen by at least six students will be available.  The modules list is available here.




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