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EngS Graduate Studies

Date: December 22nd, 2015

Doctoral Studies (PhD) in Electrical Engineering

All doctoral candidates complete their doctoral dissertation in one of the existing research fields at SSST. Each candidate is assigned a mentor/supervisor, who conducts regular monitoring of the candidate's work.

The period of study is eight semesters (3+1 years). In the first two years of study, alongside conducting research toward the dissertation, candidates also write seminar papers in four key areas (two papers per area) relevant to the content of their dissertation, which are jointly set by a committee and the mentor.

An obligatory key course for each candidate is Research Methods, where students attend lectures on how writing research papers, and have the chance to write two seminar papers themselves.

At the end of the second year, the candidate defends eight papers in front of the committee, and also gives a preliminary presentation of his/her dissertation PROPOSAL, conceptual outline and progress to date (which constitute the so-called Qualifying Examination). If the candidate successfully takes the Qualifying Examination, he/she is free to continue his/her research, and presents his/her progress before the mentor and doctoral committee at the end of each semester.

The following two years, candidates submit and defend their doctoral dissertations. Before the defence, the candidate will, as a rule, have published two papers or the results of their research in a notable and relevant academic journal, or have presented them at a prominent international conference.

PhD Degree - Successful students, who defend a doctoral thesis by University of Buckingham criteria, procedures and regulations, are awarded a Buckingham Doctoral degree (DPhil), validated by the SSST. Both collaborating institutions endeavour to maintain an internationally recognized reputation for excellence by providing high standard supervisory support and continuously monitoring the quality of the PhD research project and progress of each candidate. The possible topics of dissertations are chosen from areas in which SSST conducts active research. Dissertations are conducted within projects with financial support, or those chosen by the candidate with sources of funding outside SSST.

Fees and Loans - The tuition for the 4 - year programme is EURO 15,200.00.

For additional information, please contact our Finance Department.