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Fees and Loans

Date: June 30th, 2014

SSST tuition for Undergraduate Programmes is 5,300 Euro per year*. The tuition fee also covers the costs of all required course materials and books, which are provided by the University as part of our comprehensive student services package.

SSST tuition for Graduate Programmes varies in accordance with programme specifications. Please consult the section dealing with your selected programme listed within each Departments' Graduate Programme link on this website.

Students have the possibility of taking out special student loans to finance their education at SSST. These loans are designed for students through special agreements between SSST and a number of leading banks in BiH, allowing students to secure loans with lower credit rates, where the loans are paid off – in installments – only following graduation, with a grace period of up to four and a half years.

SSST Finance Office is tasked with administering student loan agreements and is available to each individual student for consultations, providing help and advice in managing the financing of their education at SSST.

For more information on Fees and Loans, please contact the Finance Office.
*For Sarajevo Film Academy tuition fees, please visit or contact