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Institute for Language and Training

Date: July 15th, 2016


To contribute to the development of education, economy, enterprise and democracy in B&H through a vibrant life long learning centre offering training in a variety of skills, tailored to the specific needs of a diverse audience in the region.


The objective of the Institute is to contribute to life long learning in the areas of language and skills instruction to individuals and to commercial, academic, governmental and non governmental organizations, using a variety of methods including both new technologies and traditional resources. In order to fulfill this purpose the Institute aims to:

  • identify and fill gaps in the provision of skills development
  • develop relevant and accessible courses, modules, workshops, seminars, and distance learning opportunities
  • further the effective and efficient use of technology
  • host public lectures, presentations and educational events


Drawing on the resources and expertise of all SSST faculties, Alumni and international partners, the Institute offers a range of training and education platforms, from lectures and intensive workshops to regular courses, developed in response to the specific needs of end users. Some of the areas on offer include courses in English for special purposes such as:

  • Presentation training
  • Written and oral communication skills for business
  • English for academic purposes
  • IT and job skills

As part of its activities the Institute also encourages the development of online resources and archive materials and the creation and publication of skills manuals and textbooks.

Institute for Language and Training


Gina Landor,

Sabina Gadžo Mutapčić,