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Institute for National Resources

Date: July 15th, 2016


A self-sustainable and stable Bosnia and Herzegovina, a valuable member of the EU, creating unique value by intelligent management of its own national resources.


To develop the INR as an independent non-profit think-tank, opinion leader and agenda promoter for sustainable and efficient utilization of BiH national resources, including development of new resources:

  • Natural: water, fossil fuels/minerals/metals, agriculture, forestry, etc.
  • Industrial: energy, wood, metal, automotive, agricultural processing, engineering, ICT, etc.
  • Human: entrepreneurship, technical talent, hospitality, diversity, etc.

Key objectives

  • Rigorously research and catalogue all relevant existing national resources
  • Develop sustainable professional strategies for most efficient deployment
  • Formulate a straightforward agenda and communication policy
  • Vigorously promote the agenda within local and EU governments, and international bodies
  • Develop new national resources in response to worldwide needs
  • Become itself perpetually sustainable, as an organization

Ongoing activities

  • Formal research into each of the key resource areas
  • Publication of research results
  • Formal definition of utilization strategy
  • White papers
  • Roundtables and conferences with stakeholders
  • Ongoing publication of reference data (also income generation)
  • Government interaction

Institute for National Resources (INR)
Contacts at SSST: Vjekoslav Domljan,

                               Amer Demirovic,

                               Zihnija Hasović,