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FL Welcome Message

Date: January 13th, 2017

Welcome to the Department of Foreign Languages!

The Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, and its Department of Foreign Languages, believe that the knowledge of foreign languages is a key ingredient in the integration of our graduates in today's academic and business environments. Through seminar work in small groups, and teaching methods based on a wealth of cutting edge teaching materials and aids, our highly qualified staff train students to be proficient users of English and German. In our practical courses, students learn how to use these languages to write in different contexts, hold presentations and discussions, and work actively in English and German. As a result, graduates are equipped for various professional occupations, thus greatly adding to the value of their degrees in whatever field they may pursue.

English Language Programmes

The Department of Foreign Languages can offer two programmes in English: a Bachelor of Arts in English and Applied Studies, and a programme of courses in Academic English.

The Bachelor of Arts in English and Applied Studies is a carefully designed curriculum of grammar, English proficiency, literature, translation, teaching methodology and other humanistic courses, geared towards giving its graduates the skills to work actively with the English language in various domains. The programme is geared to the needs of both non-native and native English speakers, and aims to hone a variety of language and academic skills during the four years of study.

Academic English courses are an integral part of every study programme at the University. They are designed to build the English language skills of students, consolidating grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as to prepare them for writing and presenting their undergraduate thesis, and to give them the necessary tools to use English in the workplace. Given the global significance of English as a medium of academia, business and communication, our courses provide vital skills to graduates of our Faculties, as they enter and progress on their professional paths. For more information on the particular courses, please refer to the web pages of other SSST Faculties.

Ms. Sabina Gadžo Mutapčić, MPhil

German Language Programmes

“Learning at least two foreign languages today is not a phenomenon specific to Europe alone; rather, it is a necessity in global terms. German Department of the SSST University organises and conducts German language classes for students in accordance with the European Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The number of students learning the German language during the four-year study at SSST is far greater than the number of students in Bosnia and Herzegovina who chiefly learn it only during one study year. Modern methodology of teaching the German language with a focus on the development of all language skills, along with the use of modern teaching materials, enables our students to study and work in the German-speaking countries, and thus gives them additional qualifications in the labour market.”

 Dr. Edin Konjhodžić, PhD