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Political Science and International Relations Department

Date: November 28th, 2017

Study of Political Science provides students with profound insight into the manner our world is shaped through interactions of minds, cultures and nations. It teaches candidates how to critically and logically examine the building blocks of our civilization – understanding how globalization, democracy, business, non-governmental organizations, the media, international organizations, all come to be, how they operate and how they impact and change our lives.

Offering comprehensive training, knowledge and understanding in politics, combined with easily transferable learning skills, Political Science and International Relations programme at SSST prepares students for a wide range of national and international careers such as political analysts and advisors, diplomats, journalists, policy-makers, professional politicians and scholars.

The study process, featuring best international practices, uses an open and encouraging approach to students, providing them with continuous and individual support. In classroom this translates to vibrant discussions, debates, teamwork, presentations, and guest lectures from diplomats and politicians.

The course covers a broad spectrum of academic approaches to the history of political thought, political philosophy, contemporary political theory, comparative politics and the detailed study of institutions and policy-making in different areas of the world, with a special focus on Europe.

Through specialized studies and internships with international, regional and local organizations, a Political Science/International Relations Major at SSST sets strong foundations for both further academic development and a successful career in the demanding international environment.


What will you study at PSIR?

The world of politics does not stand still. The world is constantly changing and as such the teaching of the subject as well. The Political Science and International Relations Department (PSIR) at Sarajevo School of Science and Technology will not only teach but more importantly equip you with knowledge and skills required for understanding and participating in the rapidly changing world. Every day you will learn something new from an impressive, young, and vibrant group of scholars.

You will pursuit knowledge and understanding about how the world functions, why people disagree, how are people influenced by leaders and ideas, how do people organize themselves into social groups, organizations and governments; you will learn about conflict, power and what are the prospects of our future.

The four-year program is designed to equip students both with theoretical and very interdisciplinary understanding of political and social process and applied, skill-oriented, forms of knowledge.


Why choose the study of Political Science and International Relations at SSST?

84% of all our graduates have been successful in pursuing their careers or education in the following fields: research, non-governmental organizations, journalism, the civil service, political analysis, professional politicians, policy makers, EU, the UN, etc.


What we offer?

   - interdisciplinary approaches to understanding the human society

   - combination of theoretical and applied knowledge

   - skill and research-oriented study approach

   - stimulating and cosmopolitan atmosphere

   - active academic debate

   - leading academics who will teach and support you


See the Programme Specifications for PSIR.


See below the following documents:


- PSIR with minor in Diplomacy 


- PSIR with minor in International Law


- PSIR with minor in Marketing




“Working at SSST is more than sharing and developing knowledge and ideas. It is about actively participating in creating a cutting-edge, student and excellence oriented institution.”

Dr. Sabina Čehajić-Clancy, Dean of Political Science and International Relations Department

“Since the beginning of the 1990s I have been linked to the Balkans. I was the Federal Minister for the Post Office and Telecommunication System, and when I learned about the terrible fate of the Bosnian people, I stepped down from my post and took up a new post as a member of the German Parliament, serving on the Foreign Affairs Committee and also became the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee. My work as the International Arbitrator, the High Representative to BiH, and my position of a special envoy to BiH, brought me even closer this country. After the close of my active political engagement, SSST was a place of extraordinary interest to me, where I could discuss the real problems of our times with the younger generations. These three generations: the older generation, the generation currently employed, and the younger generation which will influence the future of the country, will play a decisive role in the fate of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Working for SSST is, therefore, one of the most wonderful and best jobs I could take on, and I hope to be able to continue with it for some time.”

Dr. Christian Schwarz-Schilling, Political Science and International relations Department

"I know SSST was the right choice for me because it gave me the chance to get an excellent education and at the same time experience a new culture. Coming from the United States, I find I am getting the highest quality of education and I could not be happier with the professors and curriculum. Studying Political Science at SSST is not just about politics. The courses and classes cover such a range of relevant and current topics."

Kyleigh Hill, SSST student, Political Science and Information Systems Department (minor in Economics)

“I really enjoy my programme and am very thankful for the vast resources that the school offers, as well as to the very knowledgeable instructors. I also love the culture of open and informative dialogue with other students. I think it is imperative to point out that our lecturers have an actual experience in the subjects they teach, such as public policy and diplomacy. They are not simply instructors that teach students strictly from the assigned books but rather involve us in argumentative debates, listen to us and encourage us to ask questions and challenge them. This just goes to illustrate how vigorous and dynamic the University really is, it’s a privilege to know that those who tutor you are among the best in their fields.”

Ivana Ivandić, SSST student, Politicial Science and Information Systems Department (minor in Diplomacy)