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Date: April 9th, 2018

SSST Public Relations Office coordinates the University's visibility activities, including promotional events and press conferences. It is tasked with drafting and distributing SSST announcements, press releases and publications such as University brochures and leaflets.

The PR Office ensures that all materials and up to date information about SSST programmes, departments, academic staff, research activities, partners and other, is readily available to the media, applicants and other interested parties. It is charged with coordinating interview requests for all SSST staff and publicizing both student and departmental projects and accomplishments.

Lending support to our Student Clubs, the PR Office ensures our school spirit is high and that our vision for the future is shared and commonly shaped.
In cooperation with University Management, the PR Office also deals with various aspects of University marketing and merchandising.

For PR-related matters please contact





Emina Vejsilović

PR Office

Tel: + 387 33 975 002