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Sarajevo Film Academy (SFA)

Date: May 14th, 2015

In October 2010, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology proudly launched the ambitious Sarajevo Film Academy, the first private film school in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the only filmmaking school in South-Eastern Europe with a full curriculum in English language.

The SFA focuses on the field of film directing and offers both undergraduate and post graduate courses, as well as fast-track programs. The Sarajevo Film Academy is committed to providing highly competitive education in all areas of filmmaking – from the artistic and technical, to the financial and legal aspects of putting together successful productions. Offering a strong practical experience of filmmaking combined with the development and exploration of the filmmaker’s own creative voice, SFA students learn using both traditional equipment and the very latest technology.

Our faculty brings together some of the most prominent and experienced filmmakers and industry professionals, with world-renowned authors joining us both as core staff and visiting professors. The principal aim is to provide a dynamic environment for motivated students to emerge capable of directing teams and projects as diverse as fictions, documentaries, music videos, commercials, corporate and television productions, in hand with facilitating the quick integration of graduates into their professional fields.
SFA places particular focus on the following practical and theoretical areas: Film Directing, Screenwriting, Editing, Camera and Lighting, Production, Sound.

The Academy offers Bologna certified three year academic course (BA Degree Programme).
For more informations about SFA programmes please visit: WWW.SFA.BA

“The creation of the Sarajevo Film Academy is a result of a long career both in filmmaking and education that has led to certain convictions of how best to equip the new generation of artists from all corners of the world and give them the upper edge in integration into the film industry. Classes and one-to-one tuition give attention to individual needs of the student, both in directing and the additional filed of specialization that each student chooses. We believe a top quality education in filmmaking should be accessible to anyone with the drive, ambition and talent to make movies; all who share our passion are welcome.”

Nenad Dizdarević
, multiply awarded director, writer, producer, documentary filmmaker and Dean of Sarajevo Film Academy

“I should mention that I have been living in Sweden almost my entire life. With barely any experience in directing or film, I specifically chose SFA due to the wide selection of film industry professionals providing intense, hands-on teaching. The limited number of students accepted to SFA allows the professors to help each of us individually on addressing our weaknesses and we can grow exponentially with each new semester. I knew from the beginning that packing my belongings and moving to a whole different country in order to study at this specific University was the greatest decision ever- and each day I discover additional reasons to support this!”

Benjamin Dizdarević
, SFA student

“After years of working in the film and TV production, as an executive producer as well as director, I felt the need to expand my knowledge. SFA was the right choice; I feel I am progressing more and more. This progress can be seen in each one of us, as individuals and as a class.”

Amela Ćuhara
, SFA student

“I wanted knowledge and I wanted to achieve quality in my work. I did a lot on my own, prior to any academic study and was afraid of a degree that might be too theoretical. But here over 70% of our work in the first two years is practical, the theory immediately tested, exercised, used. Our student films are promoted at the Sarajevo Film Festival and we are given access to some of the greatest filmmakers of today. Each day I am inspired by my professors and highly qualified assistants.”

Ado Hasanović
, SFA student