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Student Activities and Clubs

Date: January 6th, 2016

SSST has an ever growing number of clubs and student organizations that reflect the many talents and interests of our lively student community. If they are more than two students joined together in some common interest or pursuit, SSST will find a way to support them and provide a platform for their activities. In this way SSST has two official student bands (known to set aside artistic differences and perform together at larger student events), sport clubs that include football, basketball and volleyball, Model UN Club and Entreprenuership Club. Then there is our long-standing Enter SSST Club – whose charity actions, in particular – make us proud and remind us of our duties to our local community. Their efforts and achievements are often reported in the local press and SSST receives letters commending their work from various state institutions and NGOs.  The budding student newspaper, The Independent, keeps everyone on their toes and helps us keep afloat of all the activities that make up the fun and busy SSST world.