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Mr. Semir Hadžimuratović, cPhD

Industry Expert Lecturer


Semir Hadžimuratovic was born in Sarajevo in 1986. He finished his bachelor and master of science degrees at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, and he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the Technical University of Graz, Austria. During his studies, he actively participated in the student non-governmental sector and, together with his colleagues, founded the Association EESTEC LC Sarajevo. Semir has been engaged since 2008 in academia, in the various fields of power engineering. Since 2010, he is with the Independent System Operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina (NOSBIH) with its headquarters in Sarajevo. He fluently speaks Bosnian, English and French.

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  • 2004 - 2010 - Dipl.el. ing (Graduate Electrical Engineer) - Department of Power Engineering
  • 2004 - 2010 - Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • 2007 - 2009 - Cisco Academy, ETF Sarajevo, B&H
  • 2010 - 2013 - M.Sc.EE (Master of Electrical Engineering Sciences) - Department of Power Engineering
  • 2010 - 2013 - Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • 2014 - present - PhD (Doctor of Technical Sciences) - Institute for Electrical Power Systems - Technical University Graz - Graz, Austria


  • Functional native proficiency: Bosnian (Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin), French (DELF & DALF diplomas)
  • Advanced professional proficiency: English

Computer skills and competences

  • Operation system: Windows XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu 14.04, Mac OS X
  • Editing software: Office suite, OpenOffice suite
  • Graphics editing software: Corel, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • CAM/CAD softwares: AutoCAD, Caddy ++
  • Engineering software: Matlab, EMTP, ATP, COMSOL, Markal, PSS/E


  • 2006 - present - IEEE Member (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  • 2010 - present - CIGRE Member (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques)
  • 2006 - 2011 - EESTEC Member (Electrical Engineering STudents' European assoCiation)
  • 2007 - 2008 - BEST Member (Board of European Students of Technology)
  • 2014 - 2018 - Board Member of JICA Alumni Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 2016 - present - Member of the Institute for standardization of Bosnia and Herzegovina:
    • BAS/TC 52 - Controlgear and switchgear installation
    • BAS/TC 56 - Conventional and alternative sources of electrical energy

Employment history

  • 2007 - 2008 - Vice Chairman of Student Organization EESTEC LC Sarajevo
    • Additional information:
      • Co-founder of the EESTEC Local Comitee Sarajevo
      • 50 students members
  • 2008 - 2009 - Vice Chairman of Student Organization EESTEC LC Sarajevo
    • Additional information:
      • 120 student members
      • Local commitee organized EESTEC Congress for 120 Europpean students in Sarajevo
  • 2007 - 2009 - Secretary of Student Organization IEEE Branch Sarajevo
  • 2010 - 2016 - BHK Cigre B3 Committee Secretary – Substations
  • 2008 - 2017 - Teaching Assistent at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo
    • Courses (Power Engineering Department):
      • High Voltage Insulation Technologies, BSc degree, (2008-2010)
      • Electrical Substations, BSc degree, (2008-present)
      • Planning and Automation of Electrical Substations, MSc degree (2008-present)
  • Strategic Planning Engineer in Independent System Operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina (NOSBIH)
    • Job description (part):
      • Continuously collecting information in order to perform system studies.
      • Continuously collecting information for long-term generation and system development plans.
      • The candidate is a member of the working group for the Indicative generation development plan.
      • Evaluates System Network Development Plan, as well as other strategic documents.
      • Participates in creation, estimation and modification of technical, commercial and network codes.
      • Evaluates connection elaborates for planned power plants to be connected on High Voltage Network (including PCI and PECI).
      • Responsible for the model of B&H under SECI project (cooperation with United Stated Energy Association).
  • 2017 - present - Lecturer at Sarajevo School of Science and Technology
    • Courses (CSIS Department):
      • Power System Analysis
      • Selected Topics in Electrical Engineering
  • 2017 - present - Senior Enginner for Operational Planning in Independent System Operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina (NOSBIH)
    • Job description (part):
      • Estimates annual consumption levels as well as consumption diagrams to support network security analysis;
      • Assesses available capacity to meet the demand for consumption, in order to support network security analysis and outage coordination;
      • Determines the Yearly Outage Plan;
      • Reviews network security assessments throughout the year to identify potential active constraints or weak points of the network;
      • Notifies system users and market participants about potential network constraints.
      • Carries out assessments of the impact of production plans on the transmission network security for a month in advance.
      • Performs assessments of options for meeting the system reserve requirements.
      • Approves planned work on the High Voltage Network.

Training / Projects history

  • 2008 - 2011 - Official EESTEC Trainer
    • Additional information:
      • Became Official trainer of EESTEC on Training for Trainers held between 23 – 30 of July 2008.
      • Held trainings on multiple occasions (Communications Skills, Leadership and Motivation, Presentations Skills, Project Management, Time Management).
  • 2009 - 2012 - Member of the B&H modelling team in Synenergy Strategic Planning Project in cooperation with the B&H Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Internation Research Group (IRG) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
    • Additional information:
      • B&H Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations contacted the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in order to delegate an expert eager to learn Markal/Times modelling techniques. The Project was lead by Gary Goldstein from IRG and funded by USAID. The major outcome of the project is the proposed Investment Requirements And Benefits Arising From Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy Policies In Selected Energy Community Countries or the „Bosnia And Herzegovina Policy Brief“ written by the members of the modelling team (Marko Ikić and Semir Hadžimuratović), with the help of IRG team.The modelling team later provided support to the Ministry for the Energy Community Energy Strategy Data Call.
  • 2011 - Siemens PSS/E Dynamic Modeling Training, Durres, Albania
  • 2012 - Siemens PSS/E Dynamic Modeling Training, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2012 - Siemens PSS /E Training Course held by EKC Institute, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 2012 - Energy Policy Course organized by JICA, Tokyo, Japan
    • Additional information:
      • From 2nd to 23rd of June 2012, the Autor participated to the Energy Policy (B) Training and Dialogue Program organized by JICA, held at the Institute of Energy Economics in Tokyo, Japan. Lectures were held by leading experts on following subjects: International Energy Situation, Gas Policy, Coal Policy, Energy Policy, Energy Conservation Efforts, Asia World Energy Outlook, Energy Balancing, Nuclear Policy, Electric Power Industry, Renewable Energy Policies, Climate Change Issue And Global Mitigation Action, Life Style and Energy Consuption and Energy Modelling. Participants visited JPower Coal PP, Weir Water PP, Hokuto Mega Solar PP, Hamaoka Nuclear PP, Omaezaki Wind PP, JFE Solar Techno Park, Shinagawa Incineration Plant and Heating Plant on Harumi Island. The participants were obliged to write an Energy Action plan based on aquired skills during training.
  • 2014 - Siemens PSS/E Dynamic Modeling Training, Budapest, Hungary


  • AISPC 2007 - Methods of Analogue Instruments and Numeric Displays Automatic Reading, Semir Hadzimuratović
  • IYCE 2007 - The Analysis and Parameter Calculation of High Voltage Cables Using Phase Coordinates, Semir Hadžimuratović, Vedad Bečirović, Haris Čopra, Selma Hanjalić Mr.
  • IYCE 2007 - The Analysis and Comparison of Three-phase Two-winding Power Transformers Using Symmetric Components and Phase Coordinates, Haris Čopra, Vedad Bečirović, Semir Hadžimuratović, Selma Hanjalić Mr.
  • INFOTEH 2010 - Implementation of Strategic Energy Planning Tools for The BiH Energy System, M. Ikić, S. Hadžimuratović, B. Kenjić, G.A. Goldstein, E.L. Wright, B. Merven.
  • 10. SESSION BHK CIGRE 2011 - Modeling Of Lightning Impulse To Grounding System, R. Gačanović, S. Hadžimuratović.
  • 11. SESSION BHK CIGRE 2013 – Generation Development Indicative Plan for 2014-2023, B. Zečević , E. Aganović, S. Hadžimuratović, N. Janjić.
  • 12. SESSION BHK CIGRE 2015 - Generation Development Indicative Plan for 2016-2025, S. Hadžimuratović, B. Zečević, E. Aganović, N. Janjić.
  • 12. SESSION BHK CIGRE 2015 - Analysis of Consumption Power Factor Throughout The Year in B&H Power System, S. Hadžimuratović, V. Pantić, H. Ferizović.
  • 12. SESSION BHK CIGRE 2015 - Computer-Aided Phsycal Design Of Classical High Voltage Substations, E. Hasanspahić, R. Gačanović, M. Kokoruš, N. Hajdarhodžić, E. Brkić, M. Zaganjor, S. Hadžimuratović.
  • ELECTRA JOURNAL, February 2017 – Establishing best practices for developing credible electricity demand and energy forecast for network planning, member of large group of authors.
  • BHAAS ISAPS Conference, May 2017 – Determination of Static Voltage Load Characteristics in B&H Electricity System, Husnija Ferizović, Vojislav Pantić, Senad Hadžić, Semir Hadžimuratović.
  • Electric Power Engineering Conference, May 2018 - Determination of Critical Factors for Optimal Positioning of Phase-Shift Transformers in Interconnected Systems, Semir Hadzimuratovic, Lothar Ficker .

Personal interests and hobbies

  • Married, father of two.
  • Running
  • Outdoor activities
  • Photography and design
  • Woodworking

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