Services for Students

Services for Students at SSST, as a part of our Administration Office, offer support to SSST students throughout their course of study and beyond. Whether an undergraduate or a post-graduate candidate at SSST, Services for Students are at your disposal to assist with a range of administrative tasks, manage your academic portfolio, offer advice on extra-curricular activities, support in securing internships and generally ensure you have the best possible academic and personal journey while at SSST.

Dean of Students

SSST Dean of Students is charged with working closely with SSST Student Council and students on individual basis, serving as an active link between the students, faculty, administration and University Management. Dean of Students works with SSST Academic Advisors to ensure we stay on top of each student’s academic progress and address any problems efficiently and in time. In cooperation with Student Administration Coordinators, the Dean of Students helps with the organization and follow-up of the biannual Student Survey and is always on hand to discuss all issues from the academic calendar to SSST Student Rules and Regulations, while ensuring that SSST extracurricular activities and clubs have all necessary support and facilities.

The Registry Office

SSST Registry Office keeps and manages student records from application to graduation, ensuring they are up to date and always ready for review. The Registry is one of the largest service providers at SSST and strives to uphold a customer-oriented culture which facilitates university performance in all aspects. Among other, the Registry releases examination results following Department Board Meetings, prepares student graduation degrees/diplomas and diploma supplements, facilitates the process of our student’s applications to post-graduate programmes, monitors updates on our Student Information System – SPACE, and issues the Decisions of Academic and Disciplinary Committees. The Registry Office manages and updates students’ academic achievements both for SSST and The University of Buckingham student records.

Part of the Registry Office is the Student Administration Office which aims to ensure our students have all the support and help they need at the SSST, understanding that our administrative efficiency is critical in aiding both students’ academic success and positive social and personal development. Our Office is dedicated to help both undergraduate and graduate students as promptly, thoroughly and reliably as possible via email, phone and in person. Among other, the Student Administration Office addresses questions regarding academic programmes, special needs services, international students' services and the Alumni Association. The office also runs the student helpdesk (each day from 10.30 to 12.00), assigns lockers and distributes student campus ID cards. Student Administration Office works closely with the SSST Dean of Students, striving to stay ahead of student’s needs.


Adisa Memišević
Head of SSST-UB Collaboration
Head of Registry Office
+ 387 33 975 010

Elma Sikirić
Registry office

Amina Mahić
Registry office
+ 387 33 975 002





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