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May 4, 2018

We are immensely proud of our students and alumni who continue to put in effort in reaching for their goals and are open to sharing their experience with others in order to motivate, encourage and inspire. Yes, it is possible to reach high when you aim high! Yes, there is a chance that you will be recognized, mentored and not alone in your endeavour!

As we congratulate our graduate Aida Hadžić on the completion of her master’s degree at the University of Oxford with the support of Chevening and the UK, we encourage you to pursue your dreams with the same strength and devotion.

Inspire as you aspire. 


“There is no appropriate description for the experience I have gained, nor the incredible people I have met throughout the past year. The MPP programme was very intense, but paid off as I have received all I was coming for: inspiring people, knowledge, and self-development, accompanied by some of the most valuable friendships and fun. Without exaggeration, it's the year of my life!

I had the opportunity to do a summer project for the Oxford-LSE Commission on State Fragility Growth and Development, lead by renown professor Paul Colier and former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, for which I conducted a study on Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now I got an offer to work as Programme Associate at the Said Business School (University of Oxford) for their new Mutuality in Business Programme until my visa expiration.

SSST has exposed me to so many expiring and helpful professors to strive for a place like Oxford, while Chevening made this journey possible, and introduced me to other amazing Bosnians whom I probably would have never met without this scholarship and with whom I hope to work together on the improvement of our country.

It is not you who needs others' people's appreciation once you accomplish something. In a country with the highest youth unemployment rate worldwide, in a world overwhelmed by fear, citizens losing trust in governments and being betrayed by promises of free markets and capitalism, it does mean a lot to other who might learn from your stories (whatever 'success' means nowadays).

This was my short story for all young Bosnians and I am looking forward to my come back.

Keep striving for the stars and, meanwhile, keep making impact.”

Aida Hadžić, SSST and Oxford graduate


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