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The idea for a Sports Club came out of the desire to offer students and professors an opportunity to relax and have fun while promoting healthy living and physical activity. Founded in 2008, the club became an immediate success: the students and professors enjoyed playing together, and a newfound sense of community began taking shape.

Today SSST students and staff can participate in 4 categories of sports: football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. The number of students participating in sports activities exceeds 50% of the total number of our students, maintaining an exceptional level of sports culture at SSST. Our sports teams regularly compete against other universities’ sports teams at numerous student competitions including a Basketball Cup and a Football Cup.

“It is not hard to understand the great popularity of the SSST Sports Club as it offers so many benefits to its members: from improving one’s health and fitness, having fun, practicing teamwork skills, building SSST spirit, and maybe the most important – providing stress relief during studies and exams!”

Mirza Bukva

, SSST Graduate and Founder of SSST Sports Club, Department of Economics (minor in Finance and Banking)

"One thing holds a special place in my memories and the whole SSST experience – the SSST Sports Club. Starting from the first year of study at SSST, I was the Club Coordinator. My main task was to organize all sport events at SSST, mainly Basketball, Football, Tennis and Volleyball matches played against professors and staff members. They were an excellent opportunity for all of us to meet each other better, to make friends and have fun, and, perhaps for a moment or two, even be better than our professors. 

At the Graduation Ceremony, which was truly an amazing finale of our studies, I was awarded a special award for my contribution to sports at SSST from the University and the Department of CSIS. This award was a wonderful recognition for me personally, especially having in mind the effort we all put in organizing the very first SSST Sports Cup in May 2016. Hopefully, my successors will continue the tradition of the Cup.

Armin Mišić, SSST Graduate and former Coordinator of SSST Sports Club, Department of CSIS (minor in Economics)

Bekir Hadžiomerović -

Planned activities:

  • Basketball friendly matches 
  • Football friendly matches
  • Volleyball friendly matches
  • Football League
  • Basketball League
  • UNSA League 
  • SSST Sports Cup


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