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The Department of Foreign Languages offers the following programs: Bachelor of Arts in English and Applied Studies, and in German Language and Literature. Each program is a unique combination of language theory and practice, literature, teaching methods and translation. As a result, students are not only given theoretical knowledge of English and German, but are also given the chance to bring their practical English or German writing and speaking skills to perfection. In addition, we offer a wide range of exciting and unique courses, tailored to the current demands that teachers and translators face in their work, such as Translation and Interpreting for the EU and Business, Teaching Young Learners, The Psychology of Learningetc. By applying the most contemporary learning strategies and teaching standards, our aim is to train students to be able to become experts in teaching and translation, and take a leading position in the market.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English and Applied Studies

Our courses will raise your English skills to the highest standards, train you to teach younger, teenage or adult learners, offer insights into how a learner’s mind processes language, teach you how to translate and interpret, how to translate at conferences, in the business sector or for EU institutions, as well as provide insights into English and American literature – and, as a result, give you a global look at the English language today. In addition, you are given the chance to apply your knowledge in an internship in the fourth year, and at the same time, research your thesis paper. Why not get a taste of your future career while you are still at university, with real responsibilities and hands-on practice?

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in German Language and Literature

The German language is the language of many exceptional writers, philosophers and scientists that have shaped our civilization. It is the language of a nation with increasing importance in world politics and industry. Therefore, a good knowledge of the German language is essential in many areas, and a career in teaching or translating in German very appealing. Our program offers a comprehensive look at German grammar and literature, foreign language teaching methods and translation, so as to allow students to both use German and understand the context of its development. This is a very practical program, which, in combination with minors in other studies offered at SSST, offers students many possibilities in an array of academic fields and business sectors.

“I was excited at the prospect of joining a university which is based in my home country and, at the same time, offers its students the learning standards found at the best universities in the world, such as the University of Cambridge, where I studied. I believe that, being taught by a faculty of professors who were educated at the world's leading schools, at a university that follows the highest academic standards, SSST graduates have a very bright future.”

Sabina Gadžo Mutapčić, Department of Foreign Languages

“It is stimulating to be part of such a dynamic faculty, whose values and standards complement those I gained through my own education at Oxford University. Through the work and activities of the Department of English Academic Writing and the Institute for Language and Training, my colleagues and I aspire to help students acquire skills that are useful for both their academic and professional lives. I am constantly inspired by the many highly intelligent and bright young people at this forward looking institution, in this beautiful country.”

Gina Landor, Department of Foreign Languages

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