ENTER SSST is a student organization whose main mission is to organize a wide variety of activities for undergraduates and secondary school students for the purpose of promoting SSST as a centre of academic excellence. The organization further seeks to improve student life at SSST, as well as to organize participation in community life by initiating various charity and volunteer activities. 

ENTER strives to address the broadest possible student audience in the area, providing information and answering questions, while working to improve our services to both potential candidates and SSST students. ENTER often cooperates with other students organizations, especially when it comes to charity events. When it comes to very important events organized by the SSST , ENTER is always there to help out and coordinate its members to organize the event and make it more interesting for students and all welcomed guests.

SSST student and former Co-Chair of ENTER SSST Club, Belma Kučukalić, preparing for the ceremony of awarding an SSST doctorate, Honoris Causa, to H.R.H. Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Al-Saud, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

From Open Doors Events and student presentations held in high-schools, through organizing conferences and open forums on relevant topics and issues, providing information on internships and SSST summer courses, to holding charity events, as well as organizing numerous opportunities for socialising among students and others, ENTER is an organization dedicated to and run by students
"I decided to be a part of Enter in order to do good things, to help others, to meet new friends. Enter, as a student organization, offers its members to do volunteer work and to contribute to our local community.
It is interesting and inspiring to see how Enter members interact and bring out the best in one another, how new ideas are born and how, which is most important, they support each other." 
 Ena Skenderagić, SSST Graduate, Economics Department (former Co-Chair of ENTER)

"I decided to join ENTER because I saw it as an excellent opportunity for all students to develop their organizational skills and become more aware of the reality we all live in. I think that the most important thing that ENTER can teach us  is how to help others and yourself to fulfil needs at a certain time. So far, ENTER has organized a large number of charity actions and events that are recognized as excellent. I am very proud to be the head of this important community." 
Anela Kantić, SSST Graduate, Economics Department (former Chair of ENTER)

"I decided to join ENTER because I felt the need to give something back to society. Being the coordinator of ENTER means being actively involved in the process of making our University a center of excellence, not only with  academic results but also with a remarkable non-academic spectrum of activities that ENTER contributes to greatly. ENTER gives all of us the opportunity to become promoters of our University and to arrange events that are improving our life at the Campus, but also doing good and improving lives of groups that need help.

 ENTER membership and coordination is not an obligation , it is a true pleasure!"
Adi Softić, SSST graduate, PSIR department
“I have decided to join ENTER because I share the values it promotes - other than improving students’ experience and promoting the University, ENTER allows students to help people in need and our community through various activities. I am really proud that I am part of this club and that I participate in a process of organizing and coordinating all those activities. ”
Dženana Buljubašić, SSST graduate CSIS department



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Upcoming activities:
  • SSST Charity Party 
  • Charity Bazaar
  • Visit to the Institution for Childrena and Youth Protection in Pazarić
  • After Midterm Party 
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