Game Design and Development program

Year 1

In the first year, the emphasis is on learning the fundamentals of game design and development.  The students have introductory courses in programming, game mechanics, 3D modeling, as well as basic calculus. The students will become familiar with the tools and software of game design, while getting an overview of the gaming industry, its history and its current trends. In addition, the students are taught the fundamentals of directing and cinematic narration, creative writing (storytelling), developing storyboards and learning about dramaturgical structures. The students will explore the relationships between art, literature and technology. 

The knowledge gained in the first year of study will provide students with basic technical skills, but also narrative and visual literacy, helping them search for their original idea and graphic identity of their game, its universe and characters, while they develop the basic story and script of their game. 

Year 2

Students are expected to produce an initial prototype of their game, working with an original game concept, script and storyboard. In developing the beta version of the game, the students are supported by courses in 2D and 3D modelling, rendering techniques, HCI, data structures and algorithms, among others. The students are taught to develop skills in project management. Students will again benefit from interdisciplinary and creative courses: from body anatomy and movement, character development, acting and action analysis, to cinematography for games. Students will be taught to distinguish and move between various components of graphic design such as architecture, space, objects, composition, and lighting.

The faculty brings together lecturers and experts from medical sciences, film art, philosophy and sociology, in addition to professors of computer sciences and information systems. 

Year 3

Third year students will be capable of utilizing knowledge of game design, the understanding of game business and development practices in putting together their final project (documentation, presentation, portfolio). The students will have the opportunity to present their game (project and demo) to peers and industry professionals, gaining feedback and exploring employment opportunities through networking. A major requirement in the third year is for students to complete a practical internship, professionally fine-tuning the skills acquired in second year. 

The final year of the program is devoted to applying all acquired knowledge and taking the beta version of the game to full release.


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