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Entertainment industry is most readily associated with films and music. However, today these are not the top-grossing sectors in entertainment.  According to the latest figures, the video game business is now larger than the movie and music industries combined. Being entertained in the new millennium is all about gaming.


The digital gaming industry is predicted to soon hit 160 billion US$ in annual worth internationally.  With more than 2.5 billion gamers around the world, it one of the most exciting and fastest growing industries of our age.


Young graduates with abilities in this industry are among the most coveted across a variety of disciplines, in our region and across the globe, offering you creative and highly lucrative careers.  Excellent employment opportunities are on the rise not just for programmers but also designers, animators, developers, artists, directors, writers, and sound engineers with a passion for gaming. 


SSST is offering a unique interdisciplinary degree that allows you to explore a variety of interests across the world of gaming, giving you a competitive advantage in joining an industry brimming with opportunity. Click to browse some careers in gaming industry today.


Programmers create codes which make the game concept run. They work in liaison with game artists, game designers, game producers and sound technicians, in order to ensure the technical coding is synchronized with game design and is aligned with the game’s creative vision. Developers test the program codes and fix flaws in the game pointed out by game testers. Game development is a complex and exciting process, with large teams of programmers required to jointly create a game.

Game Animator is a multimedia artist who combines art and technology to create interactive animated images and environments for video games. Games Animators are responsible for the portrayal of movement and behavior within a game. Their work is also found in feature movies, animations movies, commercials, videos, websites and other media.

Narrative Designer works closely with Game Designers to add context to the story: they write dialogues for both main and non-player characters, as well as in-game text. In addition, their creativity plays a significant role in describing circumstances through actions or physical expressions of characters, beyond the words they speak. Narrative Designer’s work includes defining the “story experience” a player has during the game, thereby enhancing the immersive quality of gaming.

The designer can be considered the architect of games, as their work includes planning and defining all elements of the game: including story, characters, environment, rules, levels, weapons. Game Designer is in charge of visualizing the game concept with which the overall game is then made with the help of other team members such as developers, programmers, animators, producers and other.

An UX designer ensures a game makes sense to users by creating a logical flow of levels from one step to the next. An UI designer ensures that each stage and game interface visually communicate the flow intended by the designer.

Journalists and Critics play a key role in any entertainment industry. They provide invaluable reviews and critiques, vital for buyers whenever a new game is released on the market. They are a blend of gamer and writer: they play and understand the dynamics of the game, and are then able to explain it in to a wider audience in a clear and engaging manner.


Gaming culture has rapidly grown from a niche community to a booming industry and a global sport, opening various profit-generating channels from merchandising to live events, streaming services, online advertising, brand endorsements and more. With continuous innovation, the gaming industry in on an exponential growth curve: the rapid development of technology is taking the industry to new realms such as cloud gaming, VR gaming and other.

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