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You are interested to learn more about film and watch films from around the world? You would like to be a part of Sarajevo Film Academy (SFA) activities that include your engagement on film set? SFA Film Club is the student club for you!


Sarajevo Film Academy is continuously interested to foster more exchange and contacts between students of all faculties. SSST students in the film study program are young and talented filmmakers who come from over 35 countries and all corners of the world. If you have an interest to watch films and learn about filmmaking and film art, we invite you to become a member of our Film Club!

Every week, each member chooses a film he/she wants to screen. The members are allowed to present the film title as they wish: conduct an introduction, distribute literature, moderate a discussion, Q&A sessions, etc. We also invite internationally accomplished filmmakers and film professionals to join us in various capacities, as well as have students from the Academy and other faculties share their work. With our collective knowledge about world of cinema, we want our audience to leave the cinema with an inspired outlook as we passionately share our love for film.

The Club takes place once a week – every Wednesday at 6 pm, at the SFA fully equipped cinema room, which has the seating capacity of 50 seats and ability to screen 4K films in all formats with sound surround system.
Furthermore, all members of the Club take part in extra-curricular activities that involve the Academy. These activities are participation in casting sessions, location scouting, preproduction and production of SFA films that include your engagement on film set.

Membership in SFA Film Club has proven to be a very fun but also a deeply rewarding experience, especially after the newest major success of the Academy at prestigious 68th Berlinale Film Festival who has won Special Mention Award for outstanding achievement its special project, short film “Snow for Water”, directed by acclaimed actor and director Christopher Villiers.

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