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Almost all Western Balkans countries have a diplomatic academy; Albania since 2001, Montenegro since 2003, Croatia since 1994, Serbia since 1998, Macedonia etc., and they are all members of the International Forum on Diplomatic Training (IFDT), while there are no diplomatic academies in B-H.

This is why, within postgraduate studies on social sciences at the University Sarajevo School of Science and Technology (SSST), the Diplomatic Academy Sarajevo (DAS) is formed in 2018, in collaboration with the University of Buckingham, Great Britain.

In its core, DAS project will be focused on four main goals:
  • Training in diplomatic skills and foreign languages
  • The exploration of national, regional, European, Mediterranean and global issues,
  • The publishing work focused on literature for public and other diplomacies, as well as international relations and
  • Organizing conferences, panels, round tables, forums etc. in the domain of public and other diplomacies and international relations.

The main goal of DAS is to reinforce professionalism and education of professionals, i.e. institutions and organizations by improving systematic and adequate training and preparing individuals in the given field for a career in diplomacy and task execution in the international relations domain.

Besides the diplomatic training programme, SSST offers standard academic programmes within DAS, and in the domain of diplomacy at the 2nd and 3rd study cycle. Our postgraduate programmes (master and doctoral studies) have been designed in such a way to enrich and improve academic experiences in the diplomacy segment after the general studies have been completed, thus enabling students to have more opportunities on becoming experts in their field, whether they are pursuing a career in the industry, business, government, NGO sector or academic field.

Potential candidates are welcome to contact any of the following University members:

Ms. Adisa Memisevic, Head of Registry
P: +387 33 975 000
F: + 387 33 975 030

Ms. Jasmina Bajramovic, Assistant to the Chancellor
P: +387 33 975 003
F: + 387 33 975 030

Prof. dr. Vjekoslav Domljan
Rector of the University

Prof. dr. Ejup Ganic
Chancellor of the University

Prof. Maja Savic-Bojanic
Dean of Political Science and International Relations Faculty
P: +387 33 975 015

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