Why health economics and pharmacoeconomics

All healthcare systems are faced with limited available resources in the current economic climate

The master studies programme in Health economics and pharmacoeconomics of the Sarajevo Medical School at the University SSST are the first academic postgraduate studies launched in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries of the region, as a response to the needs of the market and a higher interest of all actors for a scientific approach to health technology assessment. 

The master studies programme, as a second-cycle studies programme, will provide the attendees with content related to basic concepts such as health economics, pharmacoeconomics and health technology assessment through lectures and practical work.

The importance and application of health technology assessment (HTA) and health economics, i.e. pharmacoeconomics, during the decision-making process on the correct allocation of available resources is seen as inevitable.

Health technologies include:
  • drugs
  • medical devices (products)
  • diagnostic and treatment methods
  • methods of rehabilitation and prevention

During the health technology assessment the following aspects are usually taken into consideration:
  • does it work better, equally well or worse than the existing alternative manners of treatment
  • therapeutic effects, as well as possible side-effects
  • influence on the quality of life
  • manner of application
  • expense
  • effect on the organization of the healthcare system in the application of treatment.

Who are the master studies intended for?

Participants in the healthcare system with a previous degree in healthcare studies or economics.

It is particularly meant for employees of:
  • Pharmaceutical industry who are working on the tasks of market access, marketing and sales
  • Healthcare institutions who are working in management, decision-making regarding financing of healthcare services, drugs and diagnostic tools
  • Health insurance funds / institutes and private insurance companies
  • Ministries of health and health institutes
  • Healthcare workers as decision-makers on a micro- and macro-level (prescribers, committee members, expert bodies for the development of therapeutic-diagnostic guidelines)
  • Pharmacists in various segments of pharmaceutics (pharmacies, industry, agencies and other bodies)

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