Internship Opportunities

University Sarajevo School of Science and Technology insists that our students gain working experience and apply, in a real working environment, the knowledge gained in the classroom. During their time at SSST students in all fields of study complete at least one specialized internship programme.

These programmes are organized by the SSST, in partnership with a number of leading national and international enterprises, institutions and research centers, as well as state agencies and institutions. All students are individually mentored through this process by a member of SSST’s academic staff, as well as a resident mentor from the company or institution providing the internship position.

SSST programme allows fourth year students to spend eight hours per week completing their internship programme in the work place. In this manner, our graduates connect with institutions, organizations and companies that are relevant for their future careers and begin developing their professional CVs and business networks while still at university.

“The internship allowed me to gain practical knowledge related to economic and social issues that will be highly useful in my future education and carrier. Due to my prior knowledge and skills gained at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, I was able to carry out all tasks vigorously and accomplish the goals set. Therefore, I believe students of SSST are fully equipped to perform efficiently and diligently in the work environment, and to put their knowledge to practical work.”

Lejla Mešić, SSST student

The Chamber of Commerce of the Sarajevo Canton, in cooperation with the SSST Administration Office, sends out short CVs of all fourth year SSST students to its Members. Based on the needs of a given company/institution and student's own preferences, prospective employers hold interviews with SSST students and award internship positions. This cooperation is regulated by a special Agreement between SSST and Sarajevo Canton Chamber of Commerce that serves to develop a model of increased quality of higher education. Many SSST students receive employment offers and secure future placement precisely due to these internship opportunities. Compared to other BiH universities, SSST boasts the highest employment rate of graduates.

As a special form of internship, SSST sends a number of its high achieving students for carefully selected summer courses at leading universities in Germany and United Kingdom. Since July of 2008, our students complete interships at select high profile firms and leading research centers in Germany and Austra.

“We could not be any happier to be able to work with a university with such first-class quality of scholarship and professionalism such as yours. We highly value the fact that we not only get to work with interns from your university but also with your administration… we will always welcome any proposal for new interns from the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology.”

Dr. Barbara Kolm, Director Hayek Institute, Austrian Economic Centre

“As students at SSST we are encouraged to participate in internship programs and engage in business environment activities that will further deepen our understandings of material we learn in class and enrich it from a practical aspect. It is an amazing feeling to go into the industry and feel like you’ve got a lot to offer.  As a student at the top of my class I was offered many internships among which I would like to name just a few: Sarajevo Business Forum 2010 and 2011, Central Bank, Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office, Hayek Institute, and with each one I gained skills relevant in today's competitive labor market, practical knowledge of theoretical concepts, gained social capital and excellent references. I was assigned various activities, duties and responsibilities though my internship positions and I used different working languages such as German, all of which was made possible through the SSST curriculum.” 

Amra Hasagić, SSST student, Economics Department 

For more information about internship opporunities for SSST students, please contact the Dean of your department or the Administration Office.


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