Political Science and International Relations Department

The world of politics does not stand still. The world is constantly changing and as such the teaching of the subject as well. The political science and international relations department at Sarajevo School of Science and Technology will not only teach but more importantly equip you with knowledge and skills required for understanding and participating in the rapidly changing world. Every day you will learn something new from an impressive and vibrant group of scholars.

You will pursue knowledge and understanding of how the world functions, why people disagree, how are people influenced by leaders and ideas, how do people organize themselves into social groups, organizations and governments; you will learn about conflict, power and what are the prospects of our future.

The four-year program is designed to equip students with practical skills in negotiation, debating, and public policy alongside theoretical knowledge in the field of political sciences with a very strong focus on international relations and diplomacy.

92% of all our graduates have been successful in pursuing their careers or education in the following fields: EU, UN, non-governmental organizations, the civil service, political analysis, professional politicians, policymakers, and research.

What we offer?

  •    combination of theoretical and applied knowledge
  •    skill and research oriented study approach
  •    stimulating and cosmopolitan atmosphere
  •    active academic debate
  •    leading academics who will teach and support you
  •    interdisciplinary approaches to understanding society

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Hrasnička cesta 3a, Sarajevo, 71 000

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Entrance Exams are held at SSST, from April to September, starting at 9:00 a.m.

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Tel: +387 33 975 002

Fax: +387 33 975 030

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