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A life after BA: Why choose SSST?

Jul 3, 2019

A story of Minja Rajak


Let’s continue with our stories: it’s time to meet Minja Rajak, yet another fourth-year student from the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations. She gave her education into the hands of this University, and she never regretted it. Not only that – Minja says that SSST was her one and only choice after graduating from high school. And the reasons?

“I heard nothing but the best from SSST students and alumni about the faculty and the programs that it offers. I always knew I wanted to study Political Science and International Relations and it was very important for me to study in English. The fact that the University offers not only an SSST degree but also one from the University of Buckingham was one of the main reasons for choosing to study at SSST.”

Through all this time, Minja has made many friends, but not only that: she had the chance to further work on her communication and organization skills as a member of the oldest students club at SSST – Enter.

“I had a very positive experience throughout my studies at SSST. The past four years will be remembered by numerous amazing guest lectures and conferences I had the opportunity to attend, but also the possibility to participate in the organization of such conferences and many other fun and charity activities for our students. Membership in the oldest student club Enter allowed me to take part in the promotion of the University and made me feel like part of the SSST community. However, the best thing was having the opportunity to be taught by excellent professors with different academic and professional backgrounds who keep achieving new successes in their careers and serve as an inspiration to all of us.”

Now, as her fourth year at SSST is coming to an end, there are some decisions to be made. For Minja, the choice was simple:

“I have decided to apply for MBA at SSST because I am eager to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I had the opportunity to see that studying at SSST is the right choice. The combination of Political Science and International Relations and MBA is very demanded and gives me the possibility to work in many different fields. In the future, I see myself working for a marketing agency or even owning my own business.”

For all of you out there, considering to apply and wondering if SSST might be the “easier way”, Minja has a message:

“To all future SSST students I would like to say that although it may not always be easy since you have to study and work hard, in the end, the knowledge you will gain is worth every sacrifice.”

And from SSST to Minja: we wish that your career and the future ahead of you be as easy as these four years of getting to know you! Best of luck from all of us at SSST.



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