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A Reason to Smile About: Dentistry Studies at SSST

Jul 3, 2019

A Story of Dzejlana Trtak

Thanks to the hard work of our Sarajevo Medical School, we were able to deliver a completely new programme as of this year: Dentistry. This is an extremely responsible vocation, and being a dentist requires a lot of hard work, patience and diligence during your studies. Our Dzejlana Trtak has been our dentistry student for almost a year now. Our task was that much difficult because of the fact that Dzejlana had to leave her family and friends and move to her homeland in order to study what she loves. So far, she hasn’t regretted the decision.

“I had the opportunity to study what I love, and in the country of my origin. I am more certain every day that I have made the right choice. I am also proud that there is an institution such as SSST in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which gives quality education, top-of-the-notch academic staff and professional approach for all students. What I especially like at SSST is the diversity and the number of international students, as well as diaspora students. I am happy here because I feel like I belong. So far I have met a lot of friends and colleagues coming from all around the world. We exchange experiences and I am sure that this would be a great starting point for our careers.”

What is dentistry for Dzejlana? Has she been satisfied with the work so far, her teachers and friends made here?

“I have chosen the Faculty of Dentistry because I like a nice smile. My focus is on working with children especially because I want to break through the stereotypes and fear that is commonly associated with dentists. The Dentistry is different from all other faculties because we work in small groups, our courses are in English and we have the most advanced equipment for practice. What impressed me the most is the approach of professors and assistants who are always available for a consult and are extremely professional in their relations towards students. They are always ready to provide extra help and explanations, they motivate and push us forward. Also, they have taught us to be happy for the success of our colleagues and to go as a team towards our dreams.”

Dzejlana was brave enough to pursue her passion outside the borders of her home. The outcome?

“Before I came to SSST, I couldn’t imagine myself as someone who will be living and going to school in Bosnia and Herzegovina. My initial plan was to stay in Canada or Norway, the countries where I lived with my family. SSST has completely changed my plans for the positive. Currently, I see my future self as a successful dentist here in Bosnia.”

We have the privilege of welcoming students who maybe never been and lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but somehow during these past few months with us, have managed to transform their outlook and perspective. A big thank-you to Dzejlana who has a few years more at SSST to achieve for goal – a beautiful smile for children and adults alike.


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