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All Power to Women in Politics – Emina Sivic and MBA Programme

Jul 4, 2019

Emina Sivic was a long-standing member and coordinator of ENTER Student Club, one of the longest running and most successful club at SSST. Her fourth year is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean she will leave us by any chance. Emina has decided to devote two more years to her education here at SSST by enrolling to MBA programme. Nevertheless, let’s start from the beginning and rewind to Emina’s high school graduation and the decision to study at our University.

“I decided to study at SSST because of its partnership with the University of Buckingham and because of the opportunity to study in English language and thereby acquire great language skills. Moreover, I decided to study at SSST because it offers major and minor programs and in that way allows students to gain and combine knowledge in different fields, resulting in greater competitiveness of SSST graduates on national and international job markets.”

Emina’s overall experience was, she says with confidence – a positive one.

“I was able to work with great academics and participate in lectures and guest lectures of renowned speakers from all over the world. In addition, I had the opportunity to study at one of the most modern university campuses in Bosnia and Herzegovina and make great memories that will forever be precious.”

What seemed interesting to us is the fact that Emina found it empowering to see so many female academicians and professors in the context of generally male oriented environment. Let’s just look at our own political scene!

“The fact that the Political Science and International Relations Department mainly consists of female professors, promoting women in the fields of politics, represented great motivation and inspiration for all female students, including myself. All professors have impressive backgrounds and have studied at some of the most prestigious international universities. I benefited from the availability of professors that is enabled by a limited number of students. I am very thankful for the continuous guidance, motivation and support of my professors throughout my studies.”

MBA programme is one of the most popular in the world when it comes to social sciences because it combines theory and practice in a specific and goal-oriented way. This is why Emina’s choice was to continue her studies with us.

“British Master of Business Administration program is a very demanded post-graduate programme that offers diversity and great career opportunities in the business and public sector.  The MBA program at SSST University is a very successful one, courses are taught by experienced professors and a dual degree is offered. In the future I wish to have the opportunity to share my gained knowledge and to be able to inspire and lead others. Education does not end with a diploma or a graduation. Therefore, my goal for the future is to never stop learning, gain new knowledge every day and continue to be passionate about my goals.”

And what about all other future SSST students?

“During your studies you will encounter numerous opportunities and possibilities and you should take them all, especially those that scare you the most. If you want to gain valuable experiences beside your courses, do not hesitate from engaging in extra-curricular activities and joining student clubs.”

Take your opportunities and be brave – this is Emina’s lesson for today. If SSST shaped her out to be as brave and independent as she is now – we are extremely glad we could have made it together. Emina, best of luck!


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