Master program - International Law ( LLM)

Jul 25, 2019

The postgraduate studies at SSST are designed to enrich and enhance the academic experience for students who have completed the first cycle of studies at SSST and go on to master studies by offering a first-class opportunity to become experts in their desired field. Regardless of whether you plan to continue your career in industry, government or non-governmental sector or in the academic community, SSST prepares you for all the challenges that will stand in your path.


One of the programs offered at the postgraduate studies at the Department of Political Science and International Relations is the master program in International Law. International Law is a master program focused on international law, carefully structured and intended for students with a law school degree or a degree from a similar field who wish to specialize and acquire knowledge in various fields of international law.


The program offers specialized modules in all relevant areas of international law and is designed to enable students to acquire practical skills in addition to theoretical knowledge. After completing this program, students will be able to interpret and apply the relevant rules of international law in practice.


After completing this program, students will acquire qualifications that will enable them to find employment in public institutions, private companies, non-governmental and international organisations that need experts in international public law, human rights and European law.


Students of all social sciences (e.g. economics, political science, international relations and law) will acquire deeper knowledge and skills in the area of international law, human rights and international economics, which will – depending on their undergraduate level – give them a foothold in applying to positions such as: legal advisors in international or local organisations, management institutions and courts, political analysts, international reporters, managers in international trade, project managers, legal advisors in international and European affairs etc.


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