SSST students at ‘’ 3rd International Medical Simulation Symposium ‘’ in Turkey

Jan 9, 2020

Our students Amar Rešidović, Belma Kožar, Farisa Babić, Lamija Šikalo, Omar Nuhić (5th year), Emin Musić (6th year) and Buena Aziri (4th year) attended the „3rd International Medical Simulation Symposium“ held in Center od Advanced Simulation and Education (CASE) at Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University between 04-05 January 2020.

Our students had the opportunity to have hands-on experience through various workshops and use of state-of-the art Acibadem technology. The highlight was practice of laparoscopy, especially on 4-million dollars’ worth DaVinci robotic surgery device.  Other workshops were: Trauma patient management- Patient transport and collar placement, Airway management, Trauma ultrasound, Virtual patients scenarios - practice on robotic dolls connected to vital signs monitors that have pulse, reflexes, vomit, breathe, speak and can „die“if they are not properly treated, solving cases on Body Interact simulator, medical examination practice in anatomy and auscultation laboratory and so on.

The most interesting task was in CASE Emergency laboratory, where our students formed Emergency medical team and managed the car crash patient on the simulated field. The audience and Acibadem medical staff evaluated their performance as excellent, because they showed both theoretical and practical knowledge of traumatic patient care, guidelines and further treatment.

It was very inspiring and useful experience and our students once again showed grit for studying and presented SSST in best light. They are working on future successful collaborations with such top medical centers. SSST students would like to thank their professors and the Dean of Medical School for support, and also to Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University for accepting their applications out of many.





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