WiDS Sarajevo 2020 at the University SSST!

Mar 12, 2020

University Sarajevo School of Science and Technology ( SSST) was a host to the annual Global Women in Data Science ( WiDS) conference organized by Dr Jasminka Hasic-Telalovic, professor at the Computer Science and Information Systems Faculty. WiDS is usually held at Stanford University (USA), as well as additional 150 locations worldwide. WiDS conference is financially independent and non-profit, aiming to educate and inspire Data Scientists all over the world, regardless of gender, as well as to support women active in this area.

WiDS Sarajevo 2020 has been held for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its capital. Participants were able to listen and learn on the most advanced research and projects, from the perspective of speakers active in data science, all over B&H and the region.


Six interesting projects using data science in industry and the academic world have been showcased. One of these solutions will come in handy while packing for camping (Jelena Nadj); the other one might be helpful to segment population data using information acquired from the population list (Azra Music); one of the useful solutions could help you make an informed decision in the aspect of traveling and tourism (Amra Delic). Belma Ibrahimovic has been discussing the newest methods used in the internal revenue services in B&H, and Jasminka Hasic Telalovic has presented data science methods used to discover other organisms living and coexisting with humans (microbiome). This piece of information represents a trend in medical research, as different bacteria distribution is associated with many diseases and conditions, and can be used as such in prevention and treatments. 


The afternoon was reserved for the panel discussion on B&H and region using data science advantages in making more informative and efficient solutions for the society. The women panelists were Emeritus Branislava Perunicic, Professor Dzenana Husremovic, Jelena Nadj, Tatjana Vucic, Dr Lejla Pasic, and Anela Huskovic.


The event organization has been fully supported by the British Embassy in B&H, Symphony, University Sarajevo School of Science and Technology and UKAID. 


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