Hack it 'till you make it – Hackathon 2023

Jan 20, 2023

And what a clash of minds it was! From dog walking, personal expenses smart folders, and food waste management to personal style organizers and mental health assistance – our WA high schoolers have truly shown what it means to rethink your local community and tech it up for better life quality.



After 4-hour long presentations with 12 teams counting five members each, many inspiring solutions and sound business plans, our expert team had the most difficult task of all: to deliberate on the winning team. And we suspect the face of the winning campaign had something to do with the final call – woofed their way to the first place, solving all dog owners' worst dilemmas and creating a one-stop shop of dog walkers, dog boarding and even dog training options. Second and third place went to equally imaginative solutions: Paycheck, a QR-driven app designed to keep track of personal expenses, including living costs, utilities and all other payment-related matters, and Jummi Food – a great way to satisfy a growing need for socially responsible behavior and reduce food waste in shopping malls through offering a database of products with a close expiration date, with detailed locations and discount prices.



Our partner, one of the leading IT companies in the country, @antcolony_sarajevo has secured a valuable prize for our winners, and the first three places have also received SSST scholarship vouchers.


A big thank you to all 60 Hackathon participants – we enjoyed hearing you brainstorm and come up with some mind-bending ideas. Loved having you at SSST, and we hope to see you again in October!


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