Mediterranean Forum 2023

Dec 7, 2023


The Mediterranean Forum was held yesterday at the University of Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, as part of the Dubrovnik Talks program, where the opening speech was led by prof. Dr. Ejup Ganić, president of SSST University. The panelists of this year's forum problematized the issue of illegal migration in the Mediterranean area. The panelists of this year's Mediterranean Forum were Dr. Maja Savić Bojanić (SSST), Dr. Azman Ayob, from the MARA University of Technology (Malasya), Dr. Ramlan Arshad, Dr. Serap Fišo, from the International University of Sarajevo (Turkey), Dr. Gabriela Oanta, University of A Coruna (Spain), Mrs. Nurzetty Affira Abdul Rahim Kln, Embassy of Malaysia, and Minas Ounanian, Diplomat of the Embassy of Greece.


Dr. Savić Bojanić spoke about the illegal migration of people across state borders and how it affects each state individually, and she referred to several guidelines according to which the state should operate in the context of illegal migration.

A review of Malaysia's experience with illegal migration across its borders was given by Dr. Azman Ayob, where he spoke about the security crisis as a consequence of this phenomenon, and about the rate of crime, radicalization, but also public health, and human trafficking. dr. Ayob presented statistics from the year 2022 in which he singled out some of the countries from which Malaysia recorded the highest rate of migrants. Some of these countries are: Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and others.


Dr. Ramlan Arshad spoke about the legal side of this issue, and noted that Malaysia was not one of the signatories of the Convention on Migrants from 1951, as well as its Protocol from 1967. Dr. Arshad also presented the impact of the migrant crisis on the country's economy.


Dr. Fišo focused on the very definition of illegal migration of the population, and she also covered the fact that this issue is a permanent topic in contemporary society. Dr. Fišo mentions the cause of illegal population migration, which is absolute poverty and the dream of a better life.


That the method of migration is equally represented in both its forms: on land and at sea, is confirmed by the address of Dr. Gabriela Oanta, who dedicated her speech to the fact that human rights must be respected to the same extent, regardless of the method of entry into a certain country. and confirmed that the situation in Spain is quite similar to the above-mentioned situation in Malaysia.


Ultimately, this year's Mediterranean Forum focused on human rights that require absolute respect, and the problems of developing countries from which people migrate in search of better economic and financial opportunities and environments.


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