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Muris Bečirčić, MD

Teaching Assistant


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  • My research field of interest is radiology, especially anatomical variantions of blood vessels, and all nonvascular interventional radiological procedures which reduces pain. Also, I am interested in secondary reasearch in the field of intervetional radiology.

EDUCATION (Faculty, Doctorate)

  • Medical faculty University of Sarajevo 2007 - 2013
  • Postgraduate study Medical faculty University of Tuzla 2017 – currently


  • Department of occupational health and safety of policemen of Canton Sarajevo 10/2013-02/2015.
  • Medical doctor, Clinical center University of Sarajevo, Department of radiology, 02/2015-02/2016.
  • Teaching assistant, Medical faculty Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, Department of Anatomy 10/2015 – currently.
  • Resident of Clinical radiology at Clinical center University of Sarajevo 12/2017 – currently.


  • Medical faculty, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology


  • International School of Medical research and writing“, CME Medical Upgrade, Konjic, May 2018


  • „Quality assurance as precondition for accreditation“ Quality assurance and accreditation committee, Medical faculty University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo 2012


  • Monograph: Meliha Lekić, Emina Nakaš- Ićindić, Bakir Mehić, Zulfo Godinjak, MaidaTodić- Rakanović, Almir Fajkić, Muris Bečirčić. Orijentacijsko - motivacijski priručnik za osiguranje i unapređivanje kvaliteta obrazovanja, Medical faculty University of Sarajevo, 2012
  • Presentations: „Quality assurance as precondition for accredication“, paper presented at Medical faculty University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo april 2012;
  • Conference paper: Sandra Vegar – Zubović, Spomenka Kristić, Muris Bečirčić. „The use of CT in children in Daily Work.“ Paper presented at conferene „Protection from ionizing radiation in medical exposition“, Academy of Science and Arts, Sarajevo, november 2016.
  • Muris Bečirčić, Ajla Durmić. „Challanges and pecullarities of implementating higher education reform at Faculty of medicine in Sarajevo.“ Paper presented at Sixth conference on higer education reform, Sarajevo, april 2012.
  • Muris Bečirčić, Lamija Karalić, Tarik Hodžić. „Teaching Quality enhancement in faculty of medicine's cilincal subjects“, Paper presented at Fifth conference on higer education reform, Sarajevo, april 2011.
  • Conferences: „Computed Tomography of whole body“, Novi Sad, november 2015;
  • „Advanced Radiological Technuiqes in urgent conditions“, Novi Sad november 2015;
  • Lecturer: „Quality assurance as precondition for accredication“, Sarajevo april 2012;

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