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Goran Miraščić, PhD

Industry Expert


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  • University of Tuzla
    • Faculty of Economics 
      • Ph.D. – February 26,2010 
  • LindenwoodUniversity
    • St. Charles, Missouri USA
      • Master of Business Administration (MBA) Emphasis:  International Business
      • September 2002 - September 2003 Postgraduate Degree completion: Sept. 30, 2003 
      • Bachelor of Arts
      • Business Administration and Sports Management,
      • August 1996 - May 2000
      • Undergraduate Degree completion: May 20, 2000 


  • Assistant Professor (EU Analysis/Economic Policy, International Economy, Labor Economics, Public Finance, Public Sector Economics) Faculty of Economics, Sarajevo School of  Science and Technology 
    • October, 2009 – Present 
  • Scope of work: 
    • Teaching classes and taking an active role in education process 
    • Student-teacher consultations
    • Conduction of exams and grading
    • Mentoring master and doctoral candidates
    • Organization and implementation of educational – research work
    • Taking a part in the work of various University Committees
    • Taking a lead on various Projects 
  • Advisor for Public Finance, Cooperation with International Financial Institutions and EU Integration Process
    • Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Federation of B&H    April, 2015 – Present 
  • Scope of work: 
    • Dealing with various issues involving economic policy formulation and implementation
    • Leading role on budget at the entity level
    • Taking an active role on economy related strategies and their implementation on entity as well as the state level
    • Leading teams in negotiations with various international organizations (mainly, financial institutions such as IMF, WB (IDA, IFC)) 
    • Supervising and overseeing work of government economic departments
    • Advising Prime and Deputy Prime Minister on all issues related to economics and public policy
    • Heading different intergovernmental teams when dealing with broad range of issues related to economy and public policy Constant contact and cooperation with finance experts from international community and foreign counterparts
  • Economic Policy Advisor 
    • Cabinet of the Prime and Deputy Prime Minister   of the Federation of B&H 
    • April, 2011 – March, 2014 
  • Member of the Expert Body  of Fiscal Council of B&H
    • April, 2011 – Present 
  • Scope of work: 
    •  Analyzing macroeconomic environment in B&H
    • Working on the Document of consolidated budgets across B&H
    • Analyzing consolidated revenues and expenditures on all government levels in B&H
    • Making macroeconomic projections for the periods to come
    • Negotiate the distribution of revenues from Indirect Taxation Authority
    • Design and implement fiscal policies within the B&H
    • Negotiate arrangements with international financial institutions 
  • Economic Policy Advisor Vice-President Office, Federation of B&H
    • January, 2008 – April, 2011 
  • Scope of work: 
    • Deals with various issues involving economic policy formulation and implementation
    • Leading role on budget drafts of various government levels Taking an active role on economy related strategies and their implementation on entity as well as the state level, etc. 
  • Senior Researcher (public policy, monetary and fiscal policy, macroeconomics, international economy, labor economics) Center for Economic Development and Research (CEDAR) Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
    • September, 2010 – Present 
  • Scope of work: 
    • Working on and implementing various projects in regards to transitional economies
    • Taking a lead on the design and implementation of projects related to public policy funded by different organizations (EU Delegation, US Embassy, World Bank, etc…)
    • Assisting local companies in the development of their business plans
    • Actively working on projects related to SME support
    • Coordination of various projects regarding globalization effects on different economies
    • Data analyses
    • Leading and supervising research teams on various projects 
  • Higher Teaching Assistant (courses: Political Economy, Survey of Economics, Finance and Financial Law, Business Administration and Protocol) Faculty of Law, University of Tuzla Muhameda Hevaija Uskufija 7 Tuzla
    • March, 2006 – January, 2008. 
  •  Senior Subcontracts Administrator Procurement Department, Kellogg, Brown & Root Services, LOGCAP III Kabul, Afghanistan
    • March, 2004 – July, 2005 
  • Scope of work:
    •  Negotiating and structuring contracts and purchase orders with clients worldwide
    • Working on projects of the highest significance to the Client
    • Conducting seminars and educating new employees  
    • Signature authority
    • Highest security clearance 
  • Director of International Relations Lindenwood University 
    • September 2002 – September 2003 
  • Purchasing Specialist Brown and Root Services Procurement Department Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
    • October 2000 -September 2002 


  • Mirascic G. (2005), „Regionalism as an Allie, or a Threat to Multilateralism“, Magazine: Transition, No. 15, University of Tuzla 
  • Mirascic G. (2005), „Globalization Phenomenon Than and Now“, Journal, University of Tuzla 
  • Mirascic G. (2005), „Corelation between Globalization, Regionalism and the example of European Integration“, Economic Review, No. 5-6, may/november, University of Tuzla 
  • Mirascic G. (2006), „Globalization from Aspect of Political Economy“, Magazine: Transition, No. 16, University of Tuzla
  • Mirascic G. (2009), „Potential Risks of Globalization in Countries Lacking Institutional Capacity and International Monetary Fund“, Proceedings from the Scientific Conference, Faculty of Economics, University of Tuzla 
  •  Mirascic G. (2010), „Anti-Crisis Measures of International Monetary Fund for Bosnia and Herzegovina“, Proceedings from the International Conference „State of the economy and economic policy measures in 2010“, Faculty of Business Economics, University of „Vitez“ Travnik
  • Mirascic G. & Sarajlic-Maglic D. (2010), „The Effects of the Greek Crisis on Bosnia and Herzegovina“, Südosteuropa, 58. Jahrgang, Heft 4 
  • Mirascic G. (2011), „Current Economic Situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina“, Journal of International & Global Studies, Volume 3, Number 1, Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO, USA 
  • Djapo E. & Mirascic G. (2011), „Japanese Industrila Policy: Lessons for Bosnia and Herzegovina“, 9th International Conference on the Economy and Management, International University of Sarajevo 
  • Carsimamovic N. & Mirascic G. (2012), „The Impact of the International Crisis and the Key Challenges for the Economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina“, Centre for Policy and Governance, Sarajevo 
  • Mirascic G. & Selimovic J. (2012), „Fiscal sustainability as a precondition for macroeconomic stability with special reference to Bosnia and Herzegovina“, 6th International Conference of the School of Economics and Business, Beyond the Economic Crisis: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead, University of Sarajevo 
  • Mirascic G. & Abaspahic H. (2014), „Tax policy as a factor of stimulating economic development“, Proceedings from the II International Conference – Bosnia and Herzegovina  and Euroatlantic Integrations: Current Challenges and Prospects, year 2 / No. 2, University of Bihac and Centre for Social Research of International Burch University


  • Center for International and Global Studies, Lindenwood Univeristy, St. Louis, MO, United States, Septembar 23, 2010, on theme: „Recent Developments in Balkans from the Aspect of Political Economy“ 
    • 5 different projects and studies (including: Active Employment Policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina” – The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW) – 2010; Entrepreneurship Innovation Program and SMEs Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Association Alumni of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies, 2010/2011, Budget Understanding and Fiscal Transparency – CEDAR, 2013/2014, etc.)
    • “Building Bridges Through Increased Economic Understanding”, funded by U.S. Embassy, Sarajevo, currently 2013/present 
    • “Crans Montana Forum 22”, Annual Meeting, Brussels, Belgium, Panelist/Participant, June, 2011
    • “The Balkans by 2030: present trends and future challenges – The Balkans and EU accession Prospects”, Panelist/Participant, Sarajevo, B&H, June, 2011
    • “International Congress on Knowledge, Economy and Management”, International University of Sarajevo, Speaker/Presenter, Sarajevo, B&H, June, 2011
    • 1st International Conference, “Economic System of the European Union and Accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Panelist/Participant, University of Vitez, Travnik, September 2012  
    • 6th International Conference of the School of Economics and Business, „Beyond the Economic Crisis: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead“, Panelist/Participant, University of Sarajevo, October 2012
    • II International Conference – Bosnia and Herzegovina  and Euroatlantic Integrations: „Current Challenges and Prospects“, Panelist/Participant, University of Bihac and Centre for Social Research of International Burch University, May, 2014
    • “Forum on prosperity and employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Panelist/Participant, European Union, May 2014 

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