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02. 08. 2021.

Welcome to University 4.0! We invite you to the forefront of The Fourth Industrial Revolution - creating jobs of the future through innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity! Join us and contribute in the creation of a sustainable and ecologically minded global development.

SSST Scholarship Exam will give you the chance to join the club of talented students from all corners of world. We are fully dedicated to the pursuit of one goal: offering the highest standard of education, through scientific and applied research, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Whether it's the fact that they hold both SSST and Buckingham University diplomas, gain degrees comprising of two fields of study, speak at least two languages, or impress with internships and awards gained during their study – our students make such strong competitors that SSST claims the highest rate of employed graduates out of all BiH universities. Our students regularly and successfully compete for national and international awards, scholarships and conference spots. Over 90% of all SSST graduates are employed within the first six months of graduation, and in their own fields. 

We have seen and supported them in starting small companies from the classroom, publishing papers with professors, and even entering the Cannes Film Festival's student film selection twice.

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